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Advances in Skin Grafting and Wound Healing (Science, 2014)

November 25, 2014

A concise review by Stanford’s Sun, et al

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Study: 6 or 12 weeks of antibiotic therapy for untreated osteomyelitis in the diabetic foot?

November 24, 2014

Enjoy this provocative work from our Eric Senneville and Team: Diabetes Care. 2014 Nov 20. pii: DC_141514.

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#Obesity costs the global economy as much as war and terrorism, totalling $2T/yr @UofA @UAhealthnet

November 20, 2014

This summary from the Daily Mail: More than 2.1 billion people across the world are overweight or obese  That equates to around 30% of the world’s population By 2030 experts predict  half of all adults will be overweight or obese Obesity costs the global economy $2 trillion each year In the UK the burden is £47 billion a year, while in the U.S. it is £663 billion Experts studied 44 different interventions to help tackle obesity They looked at healthier school meals, calorie labelling, restrictions on advertising high-calorie food and drink, and public health campaigns Found no single intervention will work but combined strategy would Called on global Governments, healthcare systems, retailers and food and drink  manufacturers  to work together to tackle obesity head on    Read more:  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2842212/Obesity-costs-global-economy-war-terrorism-totalling-2TRILLION-year.html#ixzz3JcCKHl7D  

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Dalbavancin & Oritavancin – PART 2

November 17, 2014

In my post last week I mentioned I would write a follow up to discuss my opinions on the use of these drugs for lower extremity infections.  I have not yet had the opportunity to try either so these are really “top line” thoughts taken what I know, have read or heard from others, into consideration. – These drugs are expensive and I wonder who will cover the cost.

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SALSA’s Armstrong Keynotes Record Setting Indian Symposium on World Diabetes Day

November 16, 2014

David G. Armstrong, Professor of Surgery and Director of the University of Arizona’s Southern Arizona Limb Salvage Alliance (SALSA) provided keynote plenary lectures and standing room only surgery workshops at the Endocrine Society of India Conference (ESICON) in Chandigarh this past weekend.

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A Remembrance Day call to arms to save legs #Wounds14 @apmatweets @uofa

November 11, 2014

A Remembrance Day Call to Arms to Save Legs: SALSA’s Armstrong Keynotes Record Attendance 10th Anniversary Foot in Diabetes UK Symposium David G. Armstrong at Harrogate International Centre David G

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New Antibiotics – Dalbavancin & Oritavancin PART 1

November 10, 2014

In this entry I will continue to explore some of the new antibiotics that have been recently approved for use in acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections (ABSSSI). I will discuss these two together since they are quite similar in a number of important ways and share many of the same properties. Both dalbavancin (Dalvance™ – Actavis) and oritavancin (Orbactive™ – The Medicines Company) are classified as “semisynthetic lipoglycopeptide” antibiotics

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To Prevent the Next #Footattack, Know Foot #CPR

November 9, 2014

Courtesy of Duncan Stang, co-Coordinator of the Scottish National Diabetes Foot Programme.  Want more information on the 3 minute foot exam for primary care? Click  here

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Classifying the Limb at Risk in #Diabetes: Broadcasting Wound, Ischemia + Foot Infection (W.I.FI)

November 9, 2014
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Autonomous Surgical Robots? Yep.

November 7, 2014

This from the brilliant folks at Medgadget . While so-called surgical robots have been around for a few years now, they are really not robots at all, but rather remotely controlled machines that faithfully execute the commands of their masters. For robots to be real robots, they have to be autonomous and able to do tasks without much operator input.

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