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Sprained my ankle 4 months ago and there is still swelling and pain in it. Is this normal and it is still healing?

July 20, 2015

I was playing soccer when a girl kicked the inside on my ankle causing it to role to the outside. I felt a pop and instantly felt a bump of the outside of my ankle

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When I removed my toe polish my large toe underneath the nail looks bruised and read when I push on it it turns white. There is a dark line that…

July 16, 2015

See original article: When I removed my toe polish my large toe underneath the nail looks bruised and read when I push on it it turns white. There is a dark line that…

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Toes swollen and hot and ball of foot pain ?

July 15, 2015

About 9 months ago I began experiencing pain in the second toe on my left foot. It became swollen and hot and there was pain at the tip and the point where toe connects to foot with some ball of foot pain directly below.

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Is it normal?

July 12, 2015

After you get a partial toenail removal, you get a partial toenail removal that after a couple days it looks like it has a black scab like thing on it?

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burning in the ball of one foot. sometimes feels numb painful when wearing heels. ?

July 6, 2015

burning in the ball of the foot and sometimes numbness especially when wearing heels. No other health problems a little overweight. Problem is only in the right foot.

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Red painful area on top of big toe at the side ?

June 28, 2015

Hi, I’ve noticed recently at the top of my big toe on the side that it rubs and hurts especially when I wear heels. It is red and tender to the touch, Also when I touch it it feels like a bone. It’s not a callus or corn and it may be that my toes have always been this way, a bone that’s more protruding but got worse

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What could be the cause of an occasional shartp pain in the large joint of my left big toe?

June 25, 2015

Approximately twice or three times a day, I get a sharp pain in the joint between my foot and my left big toe.

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I have a Dead toe-nail that feels wobbly now. What should I do?

June 15, 2015

Okay, so 3 months ago I dropped a heavy object on my toe, and its finally starting to grow out but its starting to feel wobbly. [link url=http://imgur.com/a/PSJ2b#0]Pictures[/link] As you can see a thin layer of hard toe nail is already growing below. But as I said its starting to feel wobbly

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What is causing the pain in my foot ?

May 21, 2015

I do not have a bunion, but that area of my foot, on my left appears, on looking, to be tender, and it HURTS, mostly …possibly only.. when I wear shoes. It does not hurt on touching, only when I am wearing shoes…shoes with heels.

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Contusion that won’t heal ?

May 21, 2015

I have a contusion (per MRI) on the bottom of my foot where my second toe attaches to my left foot that won’t heal.

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