The International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds

Local Antibiotic Delivery Systems in Diabetic Foot Osteomyelitis: Time for One Step Beyond?

January 20, 2015

In patients with diabetes mellitus, osteomyelitis is a severe, difficult-to-treat form of foot infection. In the management of diabetic foot osteomyelitis, carriers for local delivery of antimicrobial agents have begun to be tried, in an attempt to provide high local antibiotic concentrations

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Epidemiology of Type 2 Diabetic Foot Problems and Predictive Factors for Amputation in China

January 8, 2015

To determine incidence and clinically relevant risk factors for diabetic amputation in a large cohort study of diabetic foot ulceration patients in China, we investigated a total of 669 diabetic foot ulceration patients, who were assessed at baseline for demographic information, medical and social history, peripheral neuropathy screening, periphery artery disease screening, assessment of nutritional status and diabetic control, physical examination including foot deformity in 15 Grade III-A hospitals. Of the 669 patients, 435 were male and 201 were female, with the mean age being 64.0 years. Of all patients, 110 had neuropathic ulcers, 122 had ischemic ulcers, 276 had neuroischemic ulcers, and 12 cases were unclassified

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Rare Complication of Silicone Fluid Injection Presenting as Multiple Calcification and Skin Defect in Both Legs: A Case Report

January 6, 2015

In the past, many materials have been injected for soft tissue augmentation including paraffin (mineral oil) and other non–biocompatible products. Liquid silicone as one of these materials has a long and notorious history as an injectable material for soft tissue augmentation

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Innovation, Translation, and Cooperation

December 16, 2014

The 9th Wound Healing and Tissue Repair and Regeneration Annual Meeting of Chinese Tissue Repair Society was hold in Wuhan, China. This meeting was focused on the innovation, translation application, and cooperation in wound care both in China and other countries.

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IJLEW Thanks Its Reviewers 2014

November 10, 2014

Original post: IJLEW Thanks Its Reviewers 2014

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